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X-RAY Test on a strange creature with wings confirms the existence of faires

The fairies have adorned the pages of children’s books with beautiful illustrations of the nineteenth century, where we could see small elegant creatures shining and smiling.

The fairies were portrayed in these drawings as girls with wings, cherubs or, sometimes, as mischievous beings with pointed ears.

In other words, encounters with the fairies are really dangerous. Known for their secret forms and their ability to alter the human perception of reality, fairies have a dark aspect very similar to extraterrestrial beings, more specifically to the gray ones.

Having discovered the corpse of a strange creature with wings in Mexico. And although skeptics believe it is a hoax, conspiracy theorists insist that the body could be the first scientifically proven corpse of a fairy or an extraterrestrial being.

In a video uploaded to YouTube on July 8, 2016, researcher Brien Foerster says that in an office in Mexico City is the lifeless body of a mysterious creature with humanoid features and small wings, according to The Inquisitr News.

“I saw this strange animal in an office in Mexico City in January 2016,” reads the description of the video published by Foerster. “What is this strange creature with wings in this jar?

As an expert biologist, I do not think it’s false. ” “This fairy has a human appearance and a real appearance,” said Foerster. “I wish we could get a DNA analysis of this creature.”

To L. Marzulli, investigating the supposed winged creature and interviewing experts in the paranormal like Jaime Maussan. “It’s an extraterrestrial hybrid, and that’s very important, because I think these are confidential experiments,” says Maussan in the video.

“But we have a physical body. We can analyze that physical body and show that something, an intelligence, is behind these experiments. ”

Marzulli also interviews a man who claims to be a scientist.

The scientist says that the X-ray investigation shows that the mysterious corpse is not a hoax. “It has wings, we have an X-ray of this creature, and we can see the structure of the bones,” says the supposed scientist.

Is this a very well made joke? Maybe it’s the definitive evidence that fairies are really extraterrestrial beings?