Conspiracy Nation


“Water should not be a Human right, but a private product for profit”

Nestle is one of the most companies in the world for a reason that is very good.

They’ve a very long history of unethical behaviour, and happen to be linked to human trafficking and child labour — infants deaths in third world countries because of deceptive propaganda and marketing — price fixing, and ecological misconduct, among other matters.

But that is not all, the business also appears to believe water — something supplied for us by this wonderful planet completely free — shouldn’t be an individual right, but a personal product for profit.

From the under interview, which can be taken out of 2013 (but nevertheless applicable nonetheless), Nestle’s then CEO Peter Brabeck-Letmathe (now their Chairman Emeritus) makes it fairly obvious he considers water shouldn’t be an individual right — a notion he believes”intense” — also should rather have”a market value”.

When this story initially broke, much to Nestle’s kiss, his contentious remarks went viral and people outrage ensued for apparent reasons. People started to call for boycott’s of the business, and naturally they needed to think of a strategy quickly; the majority of us don’t since they know something — they are helpless with no service.

Since that moment, the dodgy firm released a public statement asserting that his remarks had been misconstrued, which naturally is absolute bullshit.

Anyone who indicates that water shouldn’t be totally free, and that doing this is”intense,” is indicating that some people do not deserve to live on this world unless they could make money, it is as straightforward as that.

All these idiots forget this world, and the notion of living from this property, existed before that inhumane cancerous Matrix like strategy came into being.

With clean water we can’t survive, it is not rocket science. But wealthy elitist pricks like that man need to create water?

Sometimes I’m wondering if this kind of people think that we have a brain or not. How to accept such thing? I’m speechless.