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US Company have been giving green light to ‘Reawakening the dead’

It might sound as though it comes out of a science fiction movie but it is a reality. Bioquark, a company based in Philadelphia in the US is making its first attempts at reversing death and trials are said to be starting this year.

Bioquark Believe That The Brain Dead State Is Not Irreversible

In late 2016 Bioquark announced that they believe that when a person is brain dead the state is not irreversible. Ira Pastor, the CEO, said that they are going to begin testing on a stem cell method that is unprecedented on patients in Latin America and that the company would confirm details later on this month.

In many countries to be declared officially dead the person has to experience what is termed complete and irreversible loss of brain functions. Pastor believes that Bioquark has managed to develop a series of injections that is able to reboot the brain of the dead person and they want to try this out on humans later on this year.

Company Wants To Reboot A Dead Persons Brain In Different Stages
The way in which they aim to do this comes in different stages with the first stage being the harvesting of the stem cells from the blood of the patient and then injecting these back into the body.

Peptides will be injected into the spinal cord of the patient and then the person will undergo fifteen days of median nerve stimulation along with nerve stimulation and the person is monitored using MRI scans.

A trial on people in India was to have taken place last year; however, this never went ahead. Only days after revealing the ambitious plan it was blocked by the Indian Council of Medical Research, who told the company to look elsewhere for their trails.

A study record in detail gave the general public a better idea as to how the company is planning on approaching the trials.

The first stage of the process has been given the name of “First in Human Neuro-Regeneration & Neuro-Reanimation” and it has been said to be a non-random single group proof of concept study.

Team Will Examine Brain Dead Individuals For Signs Of Reversal
The team wants to examine any individuals who have been declared brain dead and who are between the ages of 15 and 65 and who died from a traumatic brain injury. They will examine them using MRI scans and will be looking for signs that brain death can be reversed.

Confirming the death of a person used to be more straightforward than it is today. Typically when a person had stopped breathing and the heart was not beating, they were unresponsive and considered to have died.

Today things are a lot more complicated as there is technology to keep oxygen moving through the body and keeping the brain stem functioning by using a ventilator. This means that in the majority of the countries death is identified by permanent loss of the brain stem function.

Trials Are One Part Of The ReAnima Project
The trials of Bioquark are just part of a much broader project that has the name of ReAnima and on the website, it claims that the project is looking into the potential of biomedical technology for human neuro-regeneration along with neuro-reanimation.

Pastor said that the goal of the company and the ReAnima project was to focus on clinical research into the state of brain death and irreversible coma, in people who had met the criteria of the Uniform Determination of Death Act, but who had been kept on cardiopulmonary support, this is said to be classified in a lot of countries as a living cadaver.