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Time traveler Paul Dienach’s fascinating prophecies from the year 3906

From 1921-1922 the Swiss language teacher Paul Dienach was in a coma in a Geneva hospital and when he woke up again, he not only had a newly acquired understanding of physics but had lived as the famous physics teacher named Andrew Northam in 3906 and immediately had the knowledge of 1,984 years of coming human history.

After writing down his experiences, he published them in his book “Valley of the Roses”. However, the book met with much resistance from the church, military, freemasons and science and these authorities managed that the book fell into oblivion for a long time…

In 3906, the professor of physics Andreas Northam had a near-death experience due to an accident. When he woke up after this experience, he was suddenly Paul Dienach and spoke in an unknown language that was identified in the future as the outdated Swiss-German language.

At the same time, Paul Dienach was in a coma in 1922 and could not wake up. Andrew/Paul did not recognize his family and from then on suffered from insomnia, remained awake 24 hours a day and had problems finding his way around in the new present.

The scientists in 3906 could immediately explain the state in which Northam was and diagnosed it as a ‘conscious slide’ and was familiar with it.

They told him much of human history from the 21st to the 40th century but told him that it would not be convenient for him to know about the immediate events after his coma in 1922. Thus they withheld from him the knowledge of his personal history from the 20th century. He was allowed to know and research everything else.

Paul Dienach thus wrote down his one-year experience in the future directly after his awakening from the coma. After his death, he left his collected notes to his favourite student George Papahatzis.

George was quite surprised that Paul had left him his notes. At first, he thought he was dealing with a novel, but then he realized more and more what the material was really about.

These notes even contained drawings from the First and Second World Wars, which bear astonishing similarities to pictures from our wartime. Interestingly, the original notes existed in Paul’s mother tongue, German. George translated them into Greek.

After all, George had to deal with a large number of notes that he took fourteen years to translate. In 1944, Paul’s notes, which were then in George’s possession, were confiscated by the military because they were written in German. He had given other large amounts of notes to some friends.

Among them was a Freemason who thought the data was highly controversial and refused to give it back. George never got those notes back. Only a few diary entries remained in Greek, which he published under the title “Valley of the Roses”.