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This video will change everything you know! The truth may shock most of you!

UFOs are now hauntingly familiar, they have shared our skies for an uneasy 50 years.
Eyewitness accounts testify to their breathtaking speed, unparalleled maneuverability and uncanny silence.

They are different than any aircraft made here on earth.

These stealthy visitors are called the UFOs, unidentified flying objects.
They have shown up unexpectedly in photographs taken all across the globe.
Yet if we turn back the pages of history, there are intriguing hints that UFOs have been with us all along, perhaps even as far back as 12,000 years ago, when our ancestors found shelter in the darkness of caves.

The walls of these primitive dwellings were often painted with figures of hunters and the animals they hope to snare, recently other images have come to light.

These tracings were made from caves in France and Spain and they show pictures not ordinarily associated with hunting.

Their shapes are very peculiar because they do oftentimes look like like UFOs and saucers, and I’m not saying that they are UFOs it that they do represent craft of any type, only that they have a similarity to what we now perceive, as maybe craft from another planet, as UFOs, and one wonders where the cave people were getting the impetus for putting these on their walls..

Obviously putting paintings on cave walls was a laborious process and you would only put down the most important things of your daily life, and here these objects appear not not once, not twice, but fairly numerous times on the cave walls.