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This german glass sphere will revolutionize solar power

A new sun-tracking solar generator created by German solar startup Rawlemon. The man behind the invention is Andre Broessel, who is an architect.

Created in the hopes of revolutionizing solar power, the creation concentrates sunlight and moonlight with the help of a spherical shaped lens.

New Approach To Solar Power

Traditionally, solar generators required large surfaces to capture sunlight. However, Broessel’s design concentrates this energy onto a solar cell surface that is just 1% of the size of these traditional generators. As a result, these solar glass balls are also 35% more efficient than traditional solar generators.

Most importantly, the design is gaining traction as an Indiegogo campaign for further testing and for the ability to file a patent on the piece of technology that targeted raising $120,000 far exceeded expectations and managed to obtain $230,971 by March 10, 2014. It is clear to see from funding results like these that the general public want the renewable engine, and Broessel believes he can deliver it.

While many have already adopted traditional solar power, there is still a large majority that uses older power options. However as more and more people become aware of renewable options and options become more plentiful and affordable, it only makes sense to aim towards a source of power that will not harm our environment anywhere near the levels that they are currently affected by coal, gas and other means.

One 100cm battery generates enough power to run a laptop or similarly sized device for two days. An 180cm battery can generate almost enough power in a day to charge a laptop for a week. They also both generate thermal energy as well as solar. Of course, there is also a more traditional option for a full-sized unit for the outdoors too.

While the design seems like the perfect solution, it remains to be seen whether the glass ball will face other problems that are yet to be discovered.