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They recorded a ray of light in the sky during a strange explosion In Michigan

It has been more than few years since a substation of a power plant exploded in Escanaba, Michigan, shutting down power and causing power outages for days.

While power was finally restored, very little information has been published on what might have caused it.

Could it have something to do with the bright beam of light that is seen shooting directly from the substation during the explosion?

A city of approximately 13,000 residents located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

The substation is close to the city’s power plant and is managed by the Electrical Department of the City of Escanaba. According to the witnesses, the explosion and the light beam lasted several minutes.

Energy was immediately shut down throughout the city and residents were recommended to keep the non-electric kilns running due to cold weather or to move to designated refuge areas.

Many saw the explosion and especially the subsequent fire, smoke and mysterious ray of light. When asked, local officials said the light came from a train.

Numerous videos were published on the Internet, but news about the explosion did not appear outside of Escanaba until a week later. Why?


It is not a nuclear facility and UFOs were not informed in the area before or after the explosion or anywhere near the beam.

No unusual weather was reported, although some wondered if the beam was a secret HAARP experiment.

I know, there are many different points to connect. But that is what happens when there is a mysterious ray of light that comes from an explosion towards the sky and the only official explanation is a locomotive light.