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The evidence is right in front of our eyes – Fontainebleau forrest in France

Here we have very ancient pre diluvian petrified remains of the world before ours that was.

It is a scientific fact that giant creatures and plants existed and roamed the earth and this is a well established fact. However the timelines given us by the academic shills is way off and deliberately misleading as per usual.

This forest in France called Fountainebleau has some of the most amazing mud fossils that prove there were giant creatures and humanoids living before Noahs flood, and most likely the theory is that with over 4 miles of water or more eventually covering the whole earth from the flood.

These same animals and giant humanoids were drowned in silt salt and a profusion of earthly chemicals and a whole lot of psi pressure from the massive levels of water that they became petrified and pre mineralised and here in this forest in France and all over this planet the remains can be seen to this day.

The giants turned to stone exactly as the myths and legends tells us.

Its rather hard to argue some primitive monkey men carved these things,

In fact it can be proved they didn’t due to anatomical features being shewn exposed from the great violent chaotic power of the flood waters and the tumultuous damage to most of these long dead petrified gigantic animals.

The trees before the flood were also massive miles and miles tall and absolutely huge like the humanoids and animals, everything was in fact, it was a fantastical world of gigantic everything and apparently very violent too.

It is likely the trees were cut down by amngelic beings on Gods orders so that nothing could survive using there massive height, because the flood came about by the exceeding evil and violence being perpetrated all over the planet and by virtue of the fact that these giant creatures came about by the fallen angel samael messing with dna and hybridisation of the natural state of the earth against gods will.

It was never meant to be.

Hope some peoples here enjoy these videos and links, it really is time to wake up to all the historical fabrications and lies we have been fed by mainstream science desperate to convince us we are photo evolved ape men (muwahahaha get real!!!!)

And everything before us was primitive and less evolved, absolute nonsense, so much evidence there was a highly evolved technologically superior civilisations world wide way before ours, and giants of humanoid composure or resembling and gigantic trees animals and all manner of creatures.

The academic mainstream excuse for history just doesn’t fly anymore, thank God, the lies are coming undone at the seams haha, and i love watching it happen.