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Strange foam-like clouds with candy floss texture fall from sky – conspiracy theorists have a field day

Conspiracy theorists and sky-watchers are debating the cause of bizarre foam ‘clouds’ that have been filmed falling from the sky in Morrocco.

A video showing a strange white substance settling across the coastal region of Doukkala has quickly gone viral , amassing thousands of views.

So far, explanations have included everything from alien intervention to Government weather manipulation and naturally occurring sea foam.

The clip shows a man wandering through the spooky formations, which up close looks similar to candy floss.

At one point a huge bubble is blown upright by the wind, and rolls across the road.

Paranormal blog UFO Sightings Hotspot speculated that the phenomenon was linked to a noise heard in various parts of the world , including Morrocco, in January.

“Clouds cannot plunge off the sky and settle on the ground,” the blog says.

“Are these ‘clouds’ another proof of geoengineering and weather manipulation?”