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Scientists create human chicken hybrid for embryonic research

Biologists at Rockefeller University in New York have observed a key element in the development of the embryo in a recent study. This was achieved by combining human and chicken cells into a single forming hybrid embryo.

The Express reported the scientists wanted to observe “organizer cells” as they direct the formation of an embryo.

“No one knew what happens after the ball of cells attaches itself to the uterus,” said Ali Brivanlou, a developmental biologist, and the study’s lead author.

US laws restrict the use of human embryos past 14 days which is exactly when organizer cells start to grow. Chicken embryos develop a lot faster than humans reaching human 14-day development in only 12 hours.

It was already found that organizer cells would direct gene development in different species if they closely mirrored their own.

The research is said to assist in understanding problems in embryonic development that lead to miscarriages and to provide a better understanding of the role of stem cells in development.

The embryos were reportedly destroyed 48 hours later.

Are they telling us the whole truth ?!