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Scientist from the future miscalculated the time travel teleportation – Irrefutable proof of time travel

This footage was taken from a dash cam somewhere in Russia.

As the traffic is driving along, the semi-trailer suddenly begins to swerve nearly colliding with oncoming traffic.

At first, it’s difficult to see why the truck swerves, but then the answer becomes apparent: a man wearing what looks to be a lab coat seems to appear out of nowhere.

Several theories have attempted to explain this bizarre event.

It’s been suggested that the man could be a scientist from the future who miscalculated a time-travel teleportation.

If you look closely however you can actually see the man crossing the road in front of the truck.

What is difficult to explain however is the relaxed and almost robotic reaction the man has after his near-fatal miss.

He simply turns puts his hands in his lab coat pockets and calmly walks off down the road.

Why was this man attempting to cross the road in the first place there seems to be nothing but empty fields on the other side .