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Putin’s ex wife: “The real Vladimir died a long time ago and has been replaced by a body double”

The German newspaper Die Welt published a sensational interview with the former Russian first lady Lyudmila Putina.

Lyudmila Putina surprised everyone with this statement: “Unfortunately, my husband died a long time ago. I have to admit it publicly “.


“When I got married, I really fell in love with him, but the reality was very different from what he really was” “Putin was a cruel, vile man, and more …

“He never respected me, he simply did not realize my existence. I find it difficult to speak of it, but Putin hit me, humiliated me and mocked me. Life with him was torture. ”

I tried to fight, I asked for a divorce many times, but this man did not respect me, tried to silence me and sent me to a psychiatric clinic. At that moment, I went through all the circles of hell …

For a long time they locked me in jail for a long time. I still remember it with horror. When they released me, they only told me one thing: “If you want to live, you’d better be silent.” I asked my husband many questions when I left, but he only told me that he had to go on a trip and that he would be back soon …


A few days after his departure his double arrived, I was surprised because the resemblance is terrifying, it is almost like a twin of Vladimir, but nevertheless it was not the same as before, as I knew that my husband died and that everything was programmed by the previous.

Finally, there were people from whom I can not reveal their identity that helped me escape and Putin finally gave me a divorce. Now I live abroad, but I am fine, although today I am very afraid of what is happening in Russia. These were the statements of the former first lady.