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Oldest pyramid on earth found in North Dakota?

Fort Ransom is a small place within the state of North Dakota USA, that may hold an enormous, yet quietly kept secret…

In this small slice of the rural farming lands of the united stated lies a place known as pyramid hill, a small modest pyramidal mound, which is very similar in shape and size to the curious pyramidal mound found in other parts of the world such as Silbury hill, a chalk pyramid within the UK.
Long argued by number of funded geologists as a mere natural formation, however, local residents along with historical accounts within the area, have strongly disagreed with these conclusions, since their predictable acceptance by the academic community.

A vast portion of the surrounding population believe, including a number of specialist historians and archaeologists actually believe that pyramid hill, is in fact that of a man-made pyramid, whats more, they hold to the belief that it is the oldest pyramidal structure on earth…
What makes this site the most interesting we feel however, and the reason for the video is the writing stone which was found nearby some centuries ago.

Clearly very ancient cup and ring marks, and constructed to form some kind of communication, they have however remained undeciphered, they are incredibly intriguing and are reminiscent of a hybrid between music and Morse code, yet all attempts to establish a translation of the pattern have been unsuccessful.

Source: Mystery History | YouTube