Conspiracy Nation


Nikola Tesla’s Technology has been revived

A military industrial complex company with the name Visiv, in Texas, has built a Tesla tower with aims to test and broadcast wireless electricity to places close and remote around the world. Nikola Tesla’s dream has come true?

It is a Tesla tower!
Soon there will be be undergoing experiments and wireless energy transmission.

Even natural gas it could be somewhere remote, like Alaska where they have a ton of it, and with some of these designs that Tesla came up with over 100 years ago they could literally convert natural gas into an electromagnetic wave transmitted either up into an orbiting satellite or across to another one of these towers and download, downlink natural gas energy, and bypass the use of pipelines.

There is a lot of potential, but the technology is very closely tied to military, and you better believe that there are weaponized and mind-control applications, to pacify entire population, to target overseas populations.

Tesla was a wonderful person along with being genius. He wanted to make the world better, make sure everyone had power no matter if you could pay or not. Tesla was afraid of what could happen if some of his invention was in the wrong hands and tried to make peace between nations by giving them each a piece of the puzzle and they all had to work together to figure it out. So sad how JP Morgan, Edison and many others who worried about there pockets and done Tesla so wrong.