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New findings in a cave in ecuador shook the scientific community

In 1984 a surprising discovery was made in the jungle of Ecuador in a town called Mana.

This event shook the world of archeology. More than 300 pieces were found.

The most flaming of all was an Illuminati pyramid equal to the dollar bill of a very old dating from an unknown culture.

It is said that they may have belonged to Atlantis or Lemuria.

The pyramid represents the symbol of the illuminated Bavarian of the 18th century and modern Masons, but this object has the same characteristics as the Illuminati symbol.

Even today, these enigmatic stones and objects represent a puzzle for science in archaeology. They are not similar to the indigenous cultures of Ecuador or any other country in Latin America.

The stones of ICA have nothing to do with this finding, although at first it may seem that they have similarity.

Rather they seem to have some correlation with the ancient Egyptians. But these were more than 11,000 kilometers away.

The collection belongs to German Willemar. An agricultural entrepreneur who jealously guards these pieces.

The writings on the pieces resemble a type of Sanskrit, which is the origin of the languages.