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Nature’s strongest pain killer is probably growing in your backyard, and is more effective than morphine

The safe, natural cure that Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know about!

Everybody needs something to help them get through pains caused by injuries and illness sometimes, however, a lot of the drugs sold in pharmacies are filled with dangerous chemicals.

One of the best all-natural painkillers is wild lettuce. While it is not as well known as it should be, it is probably already growing your backyard! Wild lettuce has been known for centuries in the natural remedy and alternative medicine community. Some people historically have called it “poor man’s Opium”.

Dr. Mercola had a great explanation of the benefits of wild lettuce:

“If you’ve suffered anxiety, headaches, or muscle or joint pain, you might already be familiar with wild lettuce. It’s also effective at calming restlessness and reducing anxiety, and may even quell restless legs syndrome. When using a wild-lettuce supplement, take 30 to 120 milligrams before bed.”

There is a great deal of real world experiences to prove that wild lettuce is effective in treating a large number of ailments. It can help with anything from muscle and joint pain to whooping cough. In the book “A Modern Herbal, Volume 2”, it is mentioned that Dr. Collins “stated that 23 out of 24 cases of dropsy were cured by taking doses of 18 grains to 3 drachms of extract in 24 hours.” Accordingly, many people use it as a means to treat insomnia as well.

That being said, it is, of course, necessary to take care when ingesting any kind of medicine. One should try it out slowly at first and see how the body responds. Prescription painkillers have well known terrible side effects, and opting for this natural alternative may be a better route for many people. Wild lettuce is able to help in so many cases because it has a numbing effect much like that of opiates, although without the risk of addiction.

In order to use wild lettuce, one simply finds some and takes the white milky substance from within. This is then used as is shown in in the following video:

Of course, this raises the question of why this great natural cure is not more widely known. The answer, unsurprisingly, is Big Pharma. When something is as easy to locate and use as wild lettuce, there really is no way for Big Pharma companies to make any money off of it. Pills on the other hand are very profitable for corporations, as are the addictions they often lead to.