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Native elders of the arctic warm NASA: The Earth, The sun and the moon are changing

I nuit knowledge and climate change were discussed by delegates at the recent summit of global warming in Copenhagen and what the Eskimo elders told NASA are equally concerned about scientists and experts …

It seems that the Inuit elders also witness strange and unfathomable climates in the north.

While scientists argue that human-induced pollution is contributing to climate change, older people are convinced that something much bigger is happening.

How your world has changed, how it was then and how it is now. It is a bleak panorama, an image of the melting of glaciers and their thinning and the disappearance of sea ice.

Surprisingly, what the elders say is that global warming is not the whole story …

The elders maintain that the sun does not come out as it used to, and now they also have more daylight to hunt and the sun is higher than it used to be, and warms up faster than before.

They said the same thing: Their sky has changed. The stars of the Sun and the Moon have changed everything that is affecting the temperature, even affecting the way the wind blows, and it is increasingly difficult to predict the weather, something that is a necessity in the Arctic.

All the elders agree, they believe that the Earth has moved, leaning towards the North.

Zacharius Kunuk has been literally sending emails constantly to NASA with the information of the elders about the position of the Earth on its axis …

The elderly are trying to get there to warn the world of the effects of environmental change. The exploration of centuries of Inuit knowledge allows the viewer to learn first-hand about climate change, through the Arctic’s own residents.