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NASA Just filmed an ‘earth-sized alien cube’ entering the sun

The UFO pro Scott Waring first struck the”mysterious block” on October 2, when he noticed a glowing spot of light escape the Sun.

Mr Waring translated this”puzzle” thing as an illustration of advanced alien technologies, roughly the exact same size of the planet.

The thing pulled out of also a white-to-yellow glow and the photographs of NASA seems to be square with a wispy trail of gas or smoke behind it.

He explained: “The UFO is enormous since sunlight is 109 times the diameter of the planet.

This UFO is an Specific match in size and it taken away so quickly that it Wasn’t recorded on any other photographs” The SOHO Science Archive, in which that the block was discovered by Mr Waring of NASA, is a program which lets anybody trawl through the record of Sun pictures of NASA.

The archives have telemetry with movies and images of this Sun and a mixture of information. Interest has been triggered by the NASA picture online with individuals.