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Millennial Couple Gets Killed While Biking Through ISIS Territory to Prove ‘Humans Are Kind’

While stories about the pure evil of men are seen in the media every day, one couple from Washington DC, believed evil was just a made-up concept, and all humans are kind. To prove their point the young couple gave up their jobs to travel around the world in cycles. However, when traveling through ISIS territory evil reared its ugly head as the pair was murdered.

The couple died in an Islamic state claimed terrorist attack according to Pluralist. com. Jay Austin and Lauren Geoghegan had both worked in office jobs in Washington but gave them up. Austin worked in the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, while Geoghegan worked in the Georgetown University admissions office. Both decided they were wasting their lives so set out to prove there is no such thing as evil in human beings.

Austin kept a blog and on it said that he was tired of spending what were the best days of his life just sat in front of a glowing rectangle of coloring. Austin went on to write on his blog, “I’ve missed too many sunsets while my back was turned. Too many thunderstorms went unwatched, too many gentle breezes unnoticed.”

They Kept a Blog Relating Acts of Kindness from Strangers
The pair began to keep a record of their yearlong trip by way of a blog along with Instagram with the whole aim of wanting to show acts of kindness towards them by strangers. Austin had written on the blog that the media leads everyone to believe that the world is scary and people should not be trusted as they are evil.

He continued by saying; he did not think people were evil, that it was a make-believe concept that had been invented to be able to deal with humans who hold values and beliefs different from others. Austin said human beings are kind, enjoyable along with being generous. At the time of writing these sentiments, Austin had no idea that they would die at the hands of terrorists who are pure evil.

Couple Came Face to Face With Pure Evil Among True Beauty
The dream trip of the couple ended in tragedy when the young couple traveled to Tajikistan, a place of extreme beauty with its clear lakes sitting at the bottom of stunning mountain backdrops, which mask the real evil of the country.

Tajikistan is well known for its terrorist presence, which had not put the couple off. The couple had met up two other cyclists and was riding through the country when on July 29 a car holding five men rammed them. The men got out of the vehicle then proceeded to stab to death the couples, according to CBS news.

Their last post on Instagram from Tajikistan:

ISIS then took to the media two days later; they had positioned the men in front of an ISIS flag before looking into the camera to warn that disbelievers would be killed.