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Hollow Earth UFO

Hollow Earth theory a lot more plausible than the belief in their own origin and provides the theory of the source of their flying saucers.

The concept that flying saucers came not and in the planet’s interior from different planets afterwards was it consumed by saucer pros flying.

Back in 1957, while investigating at a publication in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the writer came up with a book that broke his focus, entitled,”In the Subterranean World into the Sky: Flying Saucers”. The publication came out of a race dwelling within the ground and was dedicated to this thesis that flying saucers weren’t space ships from other planets but were of origin.

Initially, the writer couldn’t take this strange, unorthodox concept concerning the source of their flying saucers, which appeared unlikely and impossible, because it would necessitate the presence of a flop of enormous size within the ground where they might fly, even in view of the enormous speed. In reality, this cavity would need to be so big it would make the ground a world that is hollow.

The concept of the source of the flying saucers of huguenin was not original.

A pupil was named Sao Lourenco who, officer of the Navy and member of this Diretoria of the Theosophical Society, From him they heard concerning the Subterranean World, and the thought that flying saucers come in the interior of the Earth.
In his publication, Huguenin presents Strauss’s perspectives on the subterranean source of the flying saucers and from the concept that they come in different planets as follows:

“The theory of this extra-terrestrial source of the flying saucers doesn’t appear acceptable. Another possibility is they are aircraft belonging to a country in the world. These arguments, however, oppose this theory:

“1. They wouldn’t desist from mentioning that this reality due to its worth as a arm to secure benefits, In the event Russia and the United States owned flying saucers. As they’re strong and fast they would render with protection also they’d manufacture and use those vehicles for military functions.

“2. The USA and USSR wouldn’t continue to devote huge amounts of money on the production of ordinary planes if they owned the secret of flying saucers.”
Huguenin estimates Strauss that they come in the Subterranean World after introducing the debate that flying saucers don’t come they are not of source.

“Ultimately, we have to think about the latest and intriguing theory that’s been provided to account for the source of the flying saucers: the presence of a fantastic Subterranean World with countless cities where reside countless people. This other humankind needs to have attained a quite large level of culture, economic organization and social, cultural and religious growth, together with the outstanding technological advancement, as compared with whom the humanity that resides on the planet’s surface might be deemed as a race of barbarians.

“The notion of the presence of a Subterranean Earth will shock a lot of men and women. To the others it’ll sound hopeless and absurd, for’certainly,’ they say,’when it already existed, it might have been found.’