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Grand Canyon – UFO crash 4000 years ago?

The Grand Canyon is the most famous gorge in the US state of Arizona and is located in the national park of the same name. Each year, the attraction attracts more than five million visitors.

4000 years ago, a UFO is said to have crashed on the bottom of the 450-kilometer-long gorge, which has not yet been fully explored.

Park ranger discovers UFO wreck
A park ranger found a gigantic frame made of an unknown metal on the largely unexplored soil of the Grand Canyon. After this discovery, an anonymous team of experts began an intensive investigation of the wreck. The experts analyzed the metal using the carbon dating method.

The carbon dating determined the crash or landing of the flying object to about 2000 years B.C., which would result in an age of at least 4000 years.

The interior of the ancient spaceship gave us an idea of the size of the inmates. According to the analysis, the creatures on board were smaller than humans and the interior offered space for up to twenty people.

Astronomer Dr. Henry Leaumont, who contacted the Weekly World News when he received secret Air Force documents about the find. He explained that the UFO crew apparently breathed oxygen.

The spacecraft had an atomic propulsion system based on measured low radiation. It was controlled by a magnetic steering system. Food and water had been on board the ufo as provisions.

According to Dr. Leaumont, the material the spacecraft was made of was an extremely light metal fiber. As he continues, a Bible has also been found to prove that the aliens believe in some kind of God.

Around the crash site of the Grand Canyon UFO, there are orphaned caves that were probably inhabited by the crew for decades. The aliens are said to have painted their appearance on the walls. The paintings showed humanoid creatures with bulbous heads and according to experts, they were the aliens on board the UFO.

The wreckage of the ufo has meanwhile been transported away and is supposed to be in a secret place for further investigation. The truth of the story, since the metallic skeleton is said to have been the remains of a UFO that crashed 4000 years ago, cannot be verified.