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“Ever Burning Lamps” Found In Ancient Tomb?

Often within adventure movies, the household hero will be traversing some deep, dark, ancient corner of our world…. Accompanied by a trusty flaming lantern, a light source, which will often seemingly have an endless fuel supply…

Additionally, the lamps which litter the walls of these elaborate film sets, were presumably lit many hundreds, even thousands of years prior to our intrepid explorer’s entry into the ancient boobytrap laden layer.

Many perceive these flaming props as mere stage trickery, a subtle showbiz deception, helping with the lighting of often dungeon-esque locations.

Amazingly however, it seems that these apparent ever burning cave lanterns, may have been included, by an astute understanding of as yet, unexplained historical realities…
One ancient Egyptian death tradition, a custom rarely shared academically, was the frequent placement of an eternal burning lamp, somewhere inside the sealed chamber.

How were Ancients able to produce seemingly ever burning lamps?

Lamps which could burn apparently without fuel?

Source: Mystery History | YouTube