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Engineer breaks silence: “There is an alien race working with humans in Area 51”

Bll Uhouse, a 71-year-old man, said he was an Area 51 engineer and revealed that he is used to working collaboratively with an extraterrestrial in area 51.


The information given in the following video is chilling. Bill Uhouse said he worked with an alien he called “JRod” that helped understand how the alien vehicle is controlled. Bill Uhouse died in 2009.

Many people in the past have publicly sold this information and have many things in common with what the deceased former engineer said. Here are some of them …

1. There is a massive underground system consisting of bases and compounds. These facilities contain laboratories, reverse engineering workshops and safe “barracks” for alien biological entities “or EBE.
2. There are several humanoid races.
3. A race of “grays” of three types: Tall, small and medium grays
4. A race of tall “Nordic” human extraterrestrials with large eyes.
5. There are “reptile” hybrids that have been modified in these bases. Each race is thousands of years older than us. We are basically newborns in the galactic intelligence community.
6. A treaty was signed between the US UU that during the Eisenhower administration and started a new exchange with this race. They want to receive alien technology in exchange for human beings.

It is a remote detachment of the Nellis Base of the Air Force. According to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the correct designations for Area 51 facilities are Nevada Testing and Training Camp and Groom Lake, although the name of Area 51 has also been used in the official documentation of the CIA.

The facilities are located in the southern region of Nevada, about 133 km northwest of the city of Las Vegas. Located in the center, along the arid lands of Groom Lake, it is a large military airfield.

The main objective of the base is indeterminate, however, based on the historical evidence, it is likely that they are carrying out research and development with advanced weapons systems and tests on experimental aircraft that are not officially recognized by the Government of the States. United.