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EMP strike on America and societal collapse

The National Guard and other agencies in Wisconsin will test its preparedness and communication in five northeastern Wisconsin counties over three days.

The exercise is called dark sky will simulate a long-term mast power outage.

What happens if my power would be out for 24 48 72 hours or maybe 37 days that?

Includes responders from federal state and local levels encompassing private utility groups the FBI and fire departments.

The what ifs is what we’re trying to do is fill in those spots for the what-ifs.

It will be all hands on deck here in AMRO with the police fire department and the Red Cross taking part in the exercise dark sky.

One way to get at America and in easy way quite frankly is through an EMP attack, an electromagnetic pulse attack.

Consider every major city in America how does it get its water supply, consider that every major city in America its average food supply on hand is 21 to 28 days, consider where do we get our medication, consider what happens in nursing homes and hospitals what happens to our transportation grid, anything driven that well most of us computers and they’re all gone.

An electromagnetic pulse that can cripple everything from stoplights to computers to the Defense Grid.

An electromagnetic pulse attack also known as an EMP could be devastating it could easily damage the country’s critical infrastructure especially the electrical grid.