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Discovered 12,000 year old tunnels connecting Scotland and turkey

erman archaeologist Heinrich Kush discovered a network of 12,000-year-old underground tunnels connecting Scotland and Turkey.

This discovery could revolutionize the field of archeology and lead to a revision of ancient history. The finding has been published in the book “The secrets of the underground door to an ancient world” written by Kusch.

After the discovery in several parts of Europe, such as Austria and Germany, the sections of tunnels excavated in the rock, presumably, dating from the Neolithic, Kusch has deduced that around 10,000 a. C. “but it is unknown why the tunnels, or at least, created the tunnel that united Europe with Turkey”.

“The existence of an underground tunnel dug into the rock below sea level, it is undeniable that there are several sections of tunnels that, according to scholars, are directed to the Neolithic. Experts believe that this architecture of the Neolithic is a form of refuge for the population, but without air ducts? And to protect itself from what?

The measurement of the tunnels is 70 cm. But in some places they are wider and have seats, deposits and rooms.

The exact date of construction of the tunnels and what was the primitive civilization, in addition to the tools used twelve thousand years ago to excavate this network of tunnels, will be checked and confirmed by geologists.

The larger passages are high enough so that people can walk through them in a stooped position, but others are so small that explorers have to crawl. Many galleries are connected to sites of ancient settlements.

Entrances to the tunnels are sometimes found in the kitchens of old farmhouses, near churches and cemeteries, or in the middle of a forest.

They were built by people who knew what they were doing. Beams were not used, and to unload the weight that supported the walls, the tunnels meander zig zag. Every certain space, there are some cavities in which the lamps were allowed to light up while working.