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Dangerous? China plays god and brings to Earth huge gold and nickel asteroid worth 10,000 quadrillion dollars

Scientists from China are planning to capture an asteroid and bring it back to Earth.

After some experiments, commercial exploitation of the star is also possible. Chinese space scientists have submitted plans to capture an asteroid. Once captured, they want to land the celestial body safely on Earth.

Researchers from the National Space Science Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences want to send several space probes to an asteroid approaching Earth orbit. These probes should then stretch a bag over the asteroid to reduce the airspeed. It is also intended to direct the trajectory towards Earth.

To prevent the asteroid from burning up and exploding when it enters the Earth’s atmosphere, the space probes are also supposed to install a huge heat shield over the celestial body. According to the researchers, this should be able to reduce the speed from 45,000 km/h to around 500 km/h. Such a heat shield is to be developed at the Qian Xuesen Laboratory of Space Technology.

The asteroid will then be investigated. In addition, the celestial body could be rich in rare metals, which should bring profits in addition to scientific findings. If the futuristic project is successful, it could – to a certain extent – also be a solution to the danger asteroids pose to Earth.

In 2014, the US space agency NASA began to explore the feasibility of a similar mission. As part of the “Asteroid Redirect Mission,” NASA wanted to capture an asteroid and bring it into a stable orbit around the moon. Afterward, astronauts should travel to the asteroid and explore it. However, the end of the project was announced in December 2017.