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Clear footage of real UFO with aliens

Vast majority of people do not know what they’re taking a look at.

What race of being we’re currently seeing here I am not 100% convinced.

What we’re seeing here is that the force area in actions. Thorus field push begins spinning can be obviously heard by you.

And when rpm of the field is attained amazing being additional voltage DC fee to capacitors placed above the thorus field that is spinning.

Greater the voltage, quicker take off! During remove the flash you watch is billed plasma from atmosphere.

Km/h within our setting cans travel around 50 000.
From one side of horison you can view , to another side in that boat it takes approximately 4-6 minutes when they participate full rate.

The alien likely realized that it had been seen and was not certain the way we (comparatively to these ) primitive being may respond.

Dont forget that organisations and government bodies wish to conceal truth and create confusions and diversions! Bear in mind that!!!

Are we but races of all EBEs are still here. While others are waiting to welcome us to point two culture some are awaiting our passing. People are dangerous and pose a danger they do not know.
Leave your comment below and watch this movie, I want to understand your opinion.