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Are aliens eating humans in Arizona?

According to a series of archives published by the United States Department of Agriculture, the construction of an extraterrestrial base is under way in some hidden place, located within the Tonto National Forest.

This forest is located in Arizona and was confirmed by the United States Forest Service.

There were witnesses who gave details about what they had seen. Apparently, on December 30, 2013, an email was sent to all park rangers within the department.

The following e-mail passages provide details about the meeting.

This morning at the reception in front of a male interlocutor who reported on the construction of a secret government facility upstream of the Salt River Canyon, passing Pinal Creek (upstream from Roosevelt Lake).

“The aliens and at least one separate head are involved. The caller says he saw construction cranes coming out of the cliffs, miniature hidden planes and UFOs, aliens and people working together in the place, the aliens eat people. ”

“He found a severed head and says he has pictures of some of these things. The caller informed that he is 60 years old, that he is not crazy and that he does not use drugs “,” He said he had already called the “lake office”, but he did not know if those people were turning the other cheek or maybe those people had paid them.

They do not provide details on any kind of response to this suggestion, however, the email is also mentioned:

“Please, let me know if there is any conversation point to develop. I’m sure the Phoenix media will be there for all this. ” “PS David and I are not taking drugs either. Perhaps there is some kind of connivance between the government and one (if not more) of exotic species.

These exchanges are being made for some kind of reason. It can only be assumed that the kidnavved, the victims of the se$ trade, the lost hikers and more, are feeding these foreigners to obtain more information.

This information may be for some kind of technological advance or for something else completely. There have been cars that have been abandoned, along with belongings of people in remote parts of the state as well.

However, many of these, if not most, are not informed about the public ally.