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Antarctica mystery base discovered on Google Earth – Missing Children connection?

Conspiracy Depot has discovered a mystery base in Antarctica of which I cannot identify. The closest national base is 200 miles away and belonging to Norway.

Even Google Earth has blacked out a large object which radiates a blue glow. Size large blacked out object: 45 x 22 meters. Sizes other objects are 110 x 10 meters and 80 x 8 meters.

Doing some research I found another youtuber Florida Maquis coming with a video (please scroll down for VIDEO 2) using Google Earth Pro, showing what was at that location in 2013, as using Google Earth Pro you can look back in archive for older images. What I see in this Video 2 shocked me,all that red… and it makes me question if that it not connected to the missing children, the disappearing homeless and those trying to expose the truth?

Maybe it’s connected to Admiral Richard E. Byrd & Operation Highjump Operation Deep Freeze ?

Coordinates for unknown base: 75° 0’46.98″S 0° 4’52.71″E

VIDEO 1 – images from 2018:

Video 2 – images from 2013:

Thank you for watching.