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12000 Yr old mountain sized statue found in Africa?

There are many ancient relics, strewn across our planet, which are unimaginably ancient. Hidden from inquisitive minds, often by a variety of factors, millennia of undergrowth, conspiratorial bodies, or even personal perceptions of historical truth.

However, there lay a far more interesting, far more inspiring tale, resting just beneath the surface of this illusion, just waiting to flourish.

Previously, we covered some of the amazing discoveries made by a man known as professor Potini, in particular, his extremely peculiar stone found In 1990, within a diamond mine in Sierra Leone, within West Africa.

It is known as the sky stone.

Numerous specialists have analysed the stone and concluded that it is somehow made of pure oxygen, with a colour source which is, as yet, unknown…

Unbeknownst to many however, is that Professor Angelo Pitoni, had many strings to his bow… He was a geologist, a botanist, an agronomist… Discoverer of emerald mines, gold mines, an expert in the precious stone lapis lazuli, along with many other talents.

And although many perceive his sky stone as a defining discovery, due to its abnormal, curious, although not unique characteristics… We feel his actual defining discovery, his legacy left upon the unexplained mystery history of our planet, can be found elsewhere…

He did in fact, during his lifetime of exploration, indeed discover something unique upon our planet. Something undoubtedly important, immensely ancient, and quite possibly a last remaining remnant, of an unimaginably old civilisation which was once found upon the African continent.

Found during his ventures deep within sierra Leone, West Africa.

The Lady of Mali.


Source: Mystery History | YouTube