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Man Opens With Audio Frequency A Real Dimensional Portal

To be quite frank guys, this is the coolest video I think I’ve ever seen in this decade?

It defies all logic but yet here it is? Can you think of anything better than this with regards to sound waves and audio frequencies?

Well, I can’t think of any or should I say nothing springs to mind, yet? How did he come across this? Do you think he’s an audio technician or a scientist?

Either way, he really need’s to get in contact with the scientists at The Large Hadron Collider and tell them to stop spending BILLIONS of DOLLARS on seriously big equipment because the solution can literally be placed on your master bed, in your master bedroom and get it on with another dimension!

Someone said that this must be CGI or Adobe renderings of the hoax type? But why would he do that? Is it for the fame, the money, a prank or is it just that he wants to see how many people he could fool into believing in it? There’s a lot of what if’s and maybe’s?

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