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Scientists have found ghosts of black holes from another universe

Ours is not the first universe out there, there have been many according to physicists. Just as with our own universe, the other universes had black holes with scientists having detected the ghosts of black holes from other universes.

Black Hole Ghosts Are Radioactive Remnants of Violent Birth of Our Universe
The ghosts of the black holes of other universes have been detected in the cosmic microwave background, which according to, are the “radioactive remnant of the violent birth of our own universe.”

Of course, this is not a theory believed by everyone. It is a theory that is believed by a group of theorists. Roger Penrose, an Oxford University, mathematical physicist is among those people. Along with others, he believes in a modified version of the Big Bang theory.

In his thinking, Penrose calls the history of space and time, “conformal cyclic cosmology.” In this theory, the universes of the past bubbled up, going on to expand then die in a sequence. Black holes from each of these left behind traces in the universes that followed on.

Ghost Traces of Black Holes From Other Universes Seen in Data From CMB

Penrose and colleagues recently released a paper in the journal arXiv. Penrose and Daniel An from the State University of New York Maritime College, along with Krzysztof Meissner, a theoretical physicist from the University of Warsaw believe that the ghost traces can be seen in CMB data.

An image of the cosmic microwave background / Credit: ESA and the Planck Collaboration

An has spoken out about he thinks the traces of the black holes from other universes managed to form and survive over time. He said:

If the universe goes on and on and the black holes gobble up everything, at a certain point, we’re only going to have a black hole.

Hawking Theorized Black Holes Lost Mass and Energy Over Time

Stephen Hawking had a well-known theory stating black holes would lose mass along with energy over time due to radiation of massless particles, also known as photons and gravitons. An said that if the radiation that Hawking theorized were there the black holes would shrink very gradually over time. At a certain point in time, they would, of course, cease to exist, which would leave the universe nothing more than a soup of gravitons and photons.

An said, “The thing about this period of time is that massless gravitons and photons don’t really experience time or space.” He pointed out that photons and gravitons do not experience space and time as human beings do, or in the way that other objects that are slower moving and bigger do. The theory of relativity of Einstein suggests objects having mass move through time slower when approaching the speed of light. Photons and gravitons are massless they travel at the speed of light, which means time and distance is not experienced.

An concluded that this would mean a universe that only had gravitons and photons in it would not have a sense of time or space. There are physicists who argue that point, Penrose being one of them. Penrose is of the belief the post-black hole universe is vast; it looks like the universe was ultra-compressed at the time the Big Bang occurred with no distance or time between anything.

The big question is if the universe as we know it does not have any of the black holes left over from other universes how could physicists discover ghost traces in CMB. Penrose explained the traces discovered are not the literally the black holes, but instead they are the billions of years they put energy into the universe in which they existed through the radiation talked about by Hawking.

He said, “It’s not the black hole’s singularity, “or it’s actual physical body, but the… entire Hawking radiation of the hole throughout its history.

Ghost of Black Hole is Left behind When Hole Dissolves Due to Radiation

This means when a black hole dissolved due to radiation a mark is left behind, the ghost of the black hole. The mark is in the background radiation frequencies and is able to survive after the universe has died. Researchers discover the mark left so scientists are of the belief that the “CCC vision of the universe is correct”.

An said that in order to be able to see the mark, which is faint, against what is an already faint radiation of CMB, a statistical tournament among sky patches is ran. This saw An “taking circular regions in a third of the sky where the stars along with the galaxies did not overwhelm the CMB.”

An then went on to highlight the regions where the distribution of microwave frequencies matched what Hawking expected. An then made the circles compete against each other so he could determine the region in which most almost matched the spectrums of the points of Hawking.

He then compared data with CMB data that he had faked by randomly generating to rule out any possibility that the points of Hawking might have formed if CMB was random. He said that if the data from the CMB randomly generated were not able to copy the points of Hawking, it would suggest the points were black holes from previous universes.

Penrose was asked if he thought the black holes in our universe might one day leave behind traces in the next universe, to which he replied “Yes”.