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Woman with huge 35 year old alien -like black thing under her skin

This video went viral recently on YouTube.

The clogged pore had enlarged to around 1cm and become hardened and crusty.

It took six minutes to remove, using both tweezers and a needle.

Now, people are recording and posting their reactions to the disgusting procedure.

YouTube is littered with clips of spots being squeezed, pimples being popped and boils being lanced, with millions of viewers clicking on these stomach-churning home movies.

So why are people fascinated by these kind of spectacles?

Behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings says: ‘Spot squeezing is something we’ve all experienced – everyone’s had a go at it.’

‘Not everyone would admit to being into videos like this though. Hell would freeze over before some people admitted a fascination.’

‘However, it is human nature to be interested in our own grotesque bodily functions. We’re intrigued by our own bodies.