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Who lives at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle?

Even those who are not very keen on studying technical subjects or acquiring scientific knowledge are aware that we now have active funding for both public and private space programs in multiple countries around the world, as well as for comprehensive strategies for present and future space exploration.

There are multi-billion dollar investments by such Giants of business as Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. Their rocket building companies SpaceX and Blue Origin are making amazing contributions to the development of the worldwide space industry.

There is a relentless curiosity in our species that has compelled us to look upwards into the vast expanses of space.

But the enthusiastic inhabitants of our planet sometimes forget how little we know about our own sweet home.

Life on our earth would have never appeared without the presence of water

This is a fairly well-known fact which most of us were taught in school.

This fundamental chemical compound h2o covers 71% of our planet 96 percent which is oceans and seas in 1937 we settled on dividing these bodies of water into four oceans and 63 different seas.

Source: Ridddle | YouTube