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Was found the tomb of a giant warrior and a witch in Germany

Unusual burials, three horses, a witch and a giant warrior unearthed in Germany. Fifteen graves dating back to the Merovingian era, an era that lasted from the fifth century until 751 AD, have been found near a cemetery in Theiben in Germany while working on a highway.

Archaeologists working on the site have found a woman who was buried with an iron bar in her chest, suggesting she might have been a witch, a giant warrior and many horses, among other things.

He was found with sword and spear Probably a warrior. The body of a man about 2 meters high was found that would have been very tall for a man who lived during that period and could be classified as a giant. The man was buried with a sword and a spear, and archaeologists believe that maybe he was a warrior and perhaps the leader of a tribe.

The body was discovered with an iron sword in the left hand and in the right what looked like the remains of a spear. His clothes had been closed using a brooch.

The young woman with the iron bar on her chest may have been a witch. One of the most surprising remains discovered was a woman who was said to be between 18 years old who had been buried with her face down and her hands tied, with an iron rod protruding from her chest.

Maybe she had been malformed or disabled or had special abilities that could not be explained by people and considered herself a witch. Archaeologists believe that the iron bar could have been used to prevent it from coming back to life.

Skeletons of horses and massive tomb discovered in the same place.

On the same site, three skeletons of horses were found, and archaeologists believe that they may have been buried in the same site as a way of traveling to the next world, as ancient civilizations often did.

A common grave containing many human bones stacked on top of each other was discovered, but no explanation was found for the common grave. All the findings were made near the current Theiben cemetery, which is a village in Zeitz in Germany.