Conspiracy Nation


The strange medallion found in a tomb of ancient Egypt

Discovered by archaeologist Professor Winwood. The enigmatic symbols suggest an interaction of presumed Aliens or Extraterrestrials with ancient monarchs of this nation. Includes Egyptian characters like Thoth, Orus, and elongated skulls.

In the being that is above we can see in his hands, what seem eyes, or holes, also around his head we could say that the sun rises.
The object under the Alien-type Being resembles a ship or galaxy.

The side cylinders that leave the circle look like glass containers with something inside.
Inside the central circle, there is a sun making a spiral and the representation of two Pharaohs.

Here is a bizarre medallion that was found in an ancient Egyptian tomb. The Egyptian pharoahs have elongated skulls, as found in Paracas. Some figures have “alien-like” features. One interesting theory is that an extraterrestrial-like being, and a possible space craft, are at the top to represent alien rule or leadership over the Egyptians during ancient times.

The archaeologist Professor Winwood. He allegedly stole several objects from the tomb and years later would publish them in a magazine, this English archeologist was arrested and the recovered objects were placed in the custody of the museum, objects were called in the so-called forbidden area of archeology.