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The government is secretly allowing aliens to use our children to create a super human alien race!

Researchers claim ALIENS and the GOVERNMENT together are secretly creating a super human Alien race with our unborn children! Richard Dolan has been researching this topic for over 20 years, and has come to the informed conclusion, that Yes, this is happening, and has been happening for many years now.

We are living in a world of Alien clones and don’t even know it. Richard claims in this video that very soon the Government will no longer be able to hide this fact, and have no choice but to tell the public. Soon after this interview was done, a former Pentagon official came out to say “Yes We are not alone!” Just as Mr. Dolan had Said.

Now we have to ask our selves, What leak is coming next?

First, because we feel it is a fantastic piece from Mr. Dolan, and should be heard

Secondly, because maybe, just maybe, Richard is saying something he shouldn’t be saying out loud.

Maybe there is a treat of truth behind his claims in this video. So lets get this shared while it is still posted!

If anyone knows what is being said that shouldn’t, let us know, Let us all know. Please Enlighten us ALL.

Until we all do figure out what Mr. Dolan is sharing that others believe he shouldn’t, share it people, get it heard.