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Tesla shocker: Billionaire Elon Musk smokes weed live internet stream

Elon Musk is outspoken along with controversial CEO of Tesla. He has been in the spotlight before for his actions and this time he has caused a stir as he smoked weed while undertaking a live internet chat show with Joe Rogan.

Musk and Rogan Chatted Two and Half Hours While Smoking Weed While Drinking Whiskey
Musk was taking part in the live internet chat show with Joe Rogan, a comedian from California according to Ladbible. com. Musk, of course, is the SpaceX along with Tesla’s head. He appeared on the show, which is one of the most popular of all podcasts in the United States. Musk gave an interview lasting two and a half hours where the two spoke about numerous things, including the end of the world and flamethrowers. Musk has started selling the devices.

During the interview, Rogan asked Musk if he wanted to take a hit from a large joint with Rogan telling him that it was tobacco mixed with cannabis. Musk said that he did smoke cannabis on a regular basis but Rogan said when it was mixed with tobacco it was “wonderful”.

Not only did Musk participate in the smoking of the massive joint during the show, but he also swigged down whiskey out of a large tumbler. The pair didn’t just drink alcohol and smoke weed, they also talked, and this included Rogan asking Musk about his inventive mind. Musk said his brain was a “mutation” as it was always filled with many thoughts. He said that he began to realize that he differed from other people when he was around six years of age. Musk said, “At first I thought I was insane.”

Musk Talked About Social Media, Mental Health and Using Ambien
The pair also touched on social media. This was because Musk has a prominent social media life. Musk said, “There’s a lot of negativity on Twitter.” He went on to add that he never takes any notice of the negative comments that are put on Twitter. Musk also pointed out that you cannot take back Tweets made that perhaps should not have been made, because people screenshot it and keep it, then publish it even if the original Tweet has been removed. Musk said, “I’m not sure why anyone thinks deleting a tweet will make it go away.”

Musk had famously taken to Twitter during the time a group of footballers in Thailand were trapped in a cave, and he offered his help. On the social media channel, he had called one of the rescue divers involved in the rescue a “paedophile”.

Musk then had the financial world stunned when he wanted to turn Tesla private. Musk said on August 7 that he had the support of investors to buy the stockholder shares but then changed his mind not making a formal proposal to the board of the company.

The company along with CEO is now looking at lawsuits that are alleging the company is guilty of manipulating the market.

Earlier on in the year, the board was worried about the workload of Musk along with the fact that he had been using Ambien, the prescription sleeping drugs. Musk had talked in April about health issues which included his mental health and exhaustion. Musk said, “This past year has been the most difficult and painful year of my career. “It was excruciating.”

It seems the life of a billionaire is not always an easy one.