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President Donald Trump has been nominated for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize

President Donald Trump has been nominated by 18 of his fellow Republicans for a Nobel Peace Prize.

They sent a letter to the Committee believing Trump’s role in bringing together the two leaders of North and South Korea in order to end the war and potentially removing the nuclear threat Kim Jong-un represented.

The Nobel Peace Prize, created by Swedish inventor Alfred Nobel, is handed out under the categories of Literature, Medicine, Chemistry, Physics, and Physiology. If Trump is to win the honor, he will be the fifth president to receive a Nobel and the fourth to do so while in office. Other presidents include Barack Obama, Woodrow Wilson, Jimmy Carter, and Theodore Roosevelt.

The move to nominate Trump has confused some
Former US diplomat Aaron David Miller believes it to be far too early to be considering Trump for this prize given the uncertainty of the situation with North Korea. He speculates that the peace may not hold and North Korea has not actually agreed to give up its nuclear program, only to cease conflict with South Korea. A summit that is being organized in the near future may address these issues.

Another source of contention is the fact that there is split opinion on whether Trump actually had a prominent role in the Korean war resolution. Naturally, the Republicans determine his presence and work was paramount while the Democrats are not convinced Trump made any significant contribution and it is more likely the South and North Korean leaders came to their understanding alone. Miller notes that these two US parties simply lack the ability to allow that the other has been successful in any way.

Notably, at the forefront of the nomination is Luke Messer from Indiana, who is battling two other candidates in a fierce smear campaign in an attempt to be selected to run against Senator Joe Donnelly later this year. Messer and his competitors are said to be similar in their policies and therefore are left with nothing to recommend themselves except attacks on each other’s personal lives and throwing in support of President Trump.

The Nobel Peace Prize that Donald Trump is under consideration for will be for 2019, as applicants for the 2018 Prizes are closed.