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NASA and the Vatican are in contact with the planet Nibiru?

There is evidence that NASA knows where the Nibiru planet is and is monitoring it with the collaboration of the Vatican since 1983, when Pluto was still the ninth planet and each new discovery could legitimately receive the nickname of planet X. Researchers working in astronomy infrared the satellite rages thought they had seen something big.

In 1992 a new search began, it was suspected that a tenth planet could be found in the constellation of Centaurus and that it was directed to the constellation of the lion.

Computer simulation was requested, suggesting that it was much larger at least ten times more than Earth and was ten billion kilometers from the Sun, but the Vatican through its Lucifer super telescope, one came into operation on the 21st. April. 2010

A telescope was opened a year later. It is the advanced telescope LUCIFER of the Vatican created in collaboration with the universities of Arizona and funded by the Vatican Observatory, thanks to the donations of the American faithful.

Like all this problem to build these telescopes was in very hurried times. Remember that these types of telescopes are used to observe very distant space objects and approach spatial objects of the received declarations. New images of the Nibiru planet were recognized from the Vatican.

In the founding of the Vatican Observatory they had built this telescope for the same reason as a space telescope called a celestial hole and then the space telescopes called IRAS and SILOE for the sole reason of perceiving a planet called Nibiru orbiting a star dune.

Bruna companion of the Sun called dark star or Nemesis, these objects can be detected with the help of Lucifer and set of super-cooled infrared cameras also known as powerful infrared binocular telescope that with its powerful and sensitive camera can capture spectacular images for our account of galactic research.

Remember that the nibiru is not visible to the naked eye or through normal telescopes, but is visible through infrared optics precisely because the dwarf star Bruna and Nibiru emit radiation in the range of infrared light.