Conspiracy Nation


MUST SEE! This Video is Blocked in almost every country

The presidents are all connected by blood. From the first to the current.

There are two lines: The English and french descendents. They are elected not by public ballot, but among themselves as to who is of purer blood.

It is not democracy but a family business. America is not united, not even a country, but a corporation.

A business which is owned by the British crown. There are so many things which are all linked and all with the same families etc etc from politics, finance, military, pharmaceutical companies, agriculture, food and drink companies, technology, media and the most insidious one, religion.

And all designed to suppress, oppress, weaken, divide conquer and control the world’s population to their ends and means.

I sincerely hope that the world population wakes up while there is still a limited amount of time before the proverbial hits the fan.