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MH370 ‘wreckage’ mission aborted as ‘man who found plane’ nearly killed

AN MH370 investigation team has said they were “lucky not to kill themselves” during a search for the missing plane deep in the heart of the jungle.

British duo Ian Wilson and brother Jack had set off on a five-mile assignment through the Cambodian jungle this week, after claiming to have discovered MH370’s Boeing 777-200 on Google Maps.

After explaining the path as therefore dangers it cost them their own lives, but they’ve radically abandoned the research operation.

The duo that was stubborn utilized local guides to take them close four miles north.

But they had to cross as they worked to address the best aviation puzzle of all time, 20 waterfalls that swept them off.

They were also faced with enormous boulders that left them”battered and bruised” until they eventually threw in the towel.

Talking from Cambodia, Mr Wilson told Daily Star Online:”We could not do it from where we travelled from.

“It’s the toughest thing I have ever completed. Our guides could not go and attained a point.


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