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“Cyclopean ruins” Found all over earth built by giants?

Many of the words which we use in the modern day, are derived from far more ancient sources, than most would imagine.

Many of the words that we use for objects and activities, which have been around since time in memorial, have their named origins placed near the birth, of some of the earliest civilisations to have ever walked upon our planet.

As such, if beings such as giants did once exist on earth, one would not only expect to find enormous unexplained ruins, but also these lexical inspirations given to the activities, undertaken by these huge people.

Is it then just a mere coincidence, that ancient, enormous stone walls, are often named “cyclopean?”
Cyclops having once been an ancient, one eyed giant within ancient Greek and roman mythology.
Is it also but a mere coincidence, that the giant found within biblical stories, namèd goliath, was also a one-eyed beast?

Was the name given to these enormous ruins, a clue to their original builders?
A clue left upon spoken language, a remnant far more difficult to erase from history, than any physical remains…

Found everywhere on earth, and even dotting some of the most remote tropical islands, these cyclopean ruins still perplex us to this day.
Many of the ancient cyclopean ruins that can be found within developed areas, have often been draped with modern architecture, many suspect that this is often done, in an attempt to conceal the true nature of these sites.

Source: Mystery History | YouTube