Conspiracy Nation


Be one with the truth! I’m speechless… Spread this to your friends and relatives!

What are you doing with your life? Are you proud? For yourself, your achievements? Are you happy? With your job, your life? What keeps you from following your dreams? What keeps us, as species, from being happy? Why are suicide rates growing? Why are people losing their homes every day? Why do we let them be taken?

A long time ago we longed to grow up. To be adults. To have endless opportunities. Because no one could tell ‘’no, you can not do that’’ to a grown-up, right? But what are we faced with now? An endless race for money, stature, food, rent, mortgage… The pile of things that we love but have no time for just grows. Where are our dreams, now?

When that promotion comes, I will rest. When I will earn a million, I will stop. When I will have a bigger house than my neighbor, I will be happy. If I won a lottery, I would be on top of the world. But as soon as one goal is reached, there is the next one that needs to be overtaken. And, day by day, we forget about what we wanted to do. We work our lives away and give our most precious possession, our time, to somebody else. We sacrifice our family. We miss soccer games and drama plays. We don’t see our kids growing up. We work till we die or are unable to move. More salt to the injury; the fulfillment never comes.

And when the time runs out for us, our children replace us to live in their own misery. To gift their own lives to somebody else.

The world is a beautiful place. Marvelous and rich with everything we need. But with no time to see it, how can we enjoy the things that once were freely given? Food production seized by corporations. A huge part of the world starving. The other, throwing out piles of unused goods. Waste. What a waste…

Where are our human values? Our individuality? In this information age, nothing is private anymore. And again, everything owned by faceless corporations. They not only own our food, our refreshments, and our houses. They own us. Slaves by choice. To a system that trains robots, not humans. A system so deeply rooted that it is enforced right from the beginning. When we are sent to school.

Schools produce factory workers and cubicle owners rather than business creators. They do not encourage individual thinking. If you do not fit in or are bad at math, you will fail. Period. That is what you are told. That is what our youths are convinced of. The only way is the way that the school-books provide. Try to do something individual, I dare you…

And so the sheep are trained right from infancy. The world is not ours.

We mean nothing. Our bodies just fuel the well-oiled corporate machine. We are the builders, the ones who risk our lives in wars. We work in chemical plants and overlook the power plants. We sacrifice our health and our time so someone, up on top, can rule over lives while we barely make ends meet. The power to do as we please is our salvation but it is also a well-executed illusion. The true power lies with those who decide if we will eat. If we will have a place to stay at. If we will have the privilege of filling a position in a workplace. Most likely one that we dislike.

To help us forget, our dreams and our hopes, we are given money and endless aspirations. We look at boxes that display colorful pictures. We eat exotic fruit from halfway across the world. We stay on our couches because we are too tired or too poor to travel. But at least we have our screens…

We accept being unsatisfied most of the time and do nothing about it.

Those who take what is given by Earth, oftentimes get put behind bars. Those who look up, see no food on the trees. Bottled water is the only option as rivers have been robbed of fresh water. There is no land. Every tiny spot has been used and abused. Animals held in inhumane circumstances just to fill us up beyond limits, beyond need. Obesity, heart problems, medicine… What will not kill us today surely will tomorrow. Choose your poison and take it. The food you eat is pumped with chemicals. The water you drink, robbed of minerals. At least 23.1%(heart disease) of deaths in America are directly connected to either your diet or lifestyle. The pills you swallow are designed to cure symptoms not problems.

We are killing the environment we live in. Faster and faster, we chew on life and spit it out broken. Earth will be here long after we are gone. But how soon our own doomsday might come? When there is no more water to drink, we are gone. When there is no more air to breathe, will we choose to wear masks that will never come off or die? When destructive diseases swipe Earth, will we prevail or crumble?

If we run out of food, money will have no value. It is just paper. Paper that we so desperately try to get by cutting down forests and destroying everything in them. Food included. Are we really the smartest? Most intelligent? Take out all the fancy goods and gadgets. What is left? Without food, we would be just like the animals that we look down at and torture now. We would do anything to survive. We are bragging about our superiority when child marriage is still a thing. When we condemn other races just for their skin color. Are we really that smart?

We have access to everything yet when we are fed with false information, we happily accept it. We complain about our governments but do nothing more. We do not want change even though we talk about it. We look at each other and judge. We pass by a homeless child in need pretending our phones are keeping us from noticing. Everything is about us. ‘’Me’’. Stop, look! don’t give into indifference. Spread joy, not war. After all, the battles of tomorrow will leave no survivors.

A nuclear bomb and that is it. Winter that we will not see.

We will live on this Earth mere seconds compared to the planets own lifespan. Look in your heart. Think with your head. Is this really how you want to spend your life? What do you truly desire? Is it by any chance, happiness? The world can not give it to you. It is you, yourself, who has to create it. It starts with a mindset, not a huge house or a promotion. After all, aren’t those who have little oftentimes much happier than most others?

Put down your phone and connect once more. Look up to those that have left an impact in your life instead of celebrities that you never met. Make the change happen instead of waiting for it. There are billions of followers. But you can take charge in your own hands. Choose your own path.

This is our moment. The time that we were born to. The Internet can be used for good, to connect and speak out, to unite millions and billions. Use the chance. Do not stay indifferent. It is up to you. To make the world a better place or let it turn into a dystopian wasteland.