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Archangel Michael – All about this incredible and powerful creature

Many are those who share their belief in this extraordinary being: the archangel or angel Michael. Servant of God and captain of the armies that fight against Lucifer, is the maximum protector of the human beings.

We saw how he defeated the terrible female demon Abyzou, forcing her to confess his 40 names. Join us to know everything about this powerful celestial creature: the Archangel Michael.

Believers or non-believers, the Archangel Michael is a figure surrounded by stories and legends that are worth knowing.

What is the meaning of your name? The word arcángel comes from the Greek αρχάγγελος (archangelos) and the first part “arco” means “the one who commands”, “the one who leads” or “the one who leads”. The second “angelos” means “messenger.” An archangel, therefore, is the one who guides or guides the angels.

“Michael” comes from the Hebrew מִיכָאֵל (mikael) and means: Who is like God? The Jews at the party of Yom Kippur, at the end of the sermon pray the following prayer: “Michael, prince of mercy, pray for Israel”

As the Prince of Light and the Divine Armies, the archangel Michael is credited with the power to defend the human being from the forces of evil and darkness, both in terms of the spiritual and the physical. It is also believed that it gives those who believe in him the strength of will necessary to face all the challenges of life, as it confers security and spiritual strength.

Its attributes are: the sword, to overcome the negative forces and the chains that represent the power it has to break all ties that bind men.

His representations are also usually accompanied by a scale that he carries in his left hand, which means that it is justice and order and that he will weigh the souls on the day of the final judgment, and also of a cloak, symbol of his protective power.

He almost always dresses like a Roman general in armor and harasses a dragon or demon since that is his main task: to defeat Lucifer, the fallen archangel and his hosts. In the Apocalypse we can read: “THERE WAS A GREAT COMBAT IN HEAVEN. MICHAEL AND HIS ANGELS FIGHT AGAINST THE DRAGON “.