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Ants trapped in new and disturbing acrylic nails “Fashion Trend”

The story has gone viral but fired back in a big way.

It was posted to Instagram 2 days ago by a Russian nail fashion salon and has garnered hundreds of angry comments.

Just watch how the ants run frantically for their lives.

Like humans, dogs, orcas, and all other animals, they don’t want to be trapped in a tiny, unnatural space:

The nail salon’s caption claims, “No animals were harmed during the making of this video,” but viewers weren’t fooled.

Comments include the following:

“Taking intelligent little beings and trapping them inside a nail for Instagram likes? Truly pathetic.”

“That is beyond awful! I’m always shocked at the disconnect people have with other creatures on this planet. … They feel no guilt about taking a creature from its environment and suffocating it.”

“Disgusting! Would you like to be in their position????”

“This is disgusting! Animals are not a fashion trend or something. They are living beings and MUST be respect[ed]. Please set the ants free of those nails and never do this again.”

“No animals were harmed??? … Harm doesn’t equal death. They look really stressed and honestly the nails don’t look cool at all.”

People reacted similarly when the disturbing footage was shared on Twitter:

I agree with all these comments. There’s nothing fashionable or trendy about this newest so-called “nail art.”

These ants didn’t want to be ripped from their homes and trapped inside fake nails, where they have no room to roam and no access to food, water, or oxygen. They will die at a 100% rate.