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Alien tomb in the great pyramid?

In 1879, British archaeologist, Waynman Dixon, successfully retrieved a number of mysterious artefacts, from within the infamous lower northern shaft, of the great pyramid of Khufu.
One of these artefacts was a small piece of a square wooden rod, which has since disappeared.
The only artefact to “conveniently” go missing, and the only artefact which could have produced an accurate dating, for what seems, was a rather elaborate prior attempt, to overcome a sophisticated array of blocking stones, and vertical passageways, which confront all who try to breach the inner most sanctums of this mysterious pyramid.

The reason for this past mission, or indeed who undertook such an attempt, remain a mystery but their motive will soon become clear.

One of Waynman’s other finds, resembling a small grappling hook with two rivets, matches two holes in a square rod still lodged up in the vertical northern shaft, clearly left by these wannabe tomb raiders…

It seems that these highly talented, acrobatic graverobbers, couldn’t make it any further, and once one becomes aware of the existence of a large hidden chamber, built into the pyramids design, placed just above this unexplored shaft, you will inevitably begin to wonder, what could possibly be hiding up there?

Indeed, it is a well-known fact that the builders of these structures, were notorious for their super human efforts in concealment.

Huge multi ton blocking stones in front of the entrances to their kings, and treasures, and indeed, in front of virtually every interior shaft and room within the great pyramid of Khufu.

The upper region of this northern shaft, constitutes the last remaining unexplored areas due to the impossible access angle.

“We know it is there, and all we have to do is apply existing technology in getting in there.” Rudolf Gantenbrink told the press.

It must be noted, although the mention of tombs has been made, the evidence to suggest such, is based solely upon a number of parchments, and a single mark, found within an interior chamber of the pyramid, naming a gang, and the fourth dynasty Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu.

Egyptologists have taken these fragmentary factors, and concluded that all pyramids were therefore built as tombs. The great one being built over a 10 to 20-year period, concluding around 2560 BC.
The entire thesis of ancient Egyptian legacy then it seems, is built around a few mentions of the pyramids as tombs.

No mummies or burial artefacts, except a tiny box claimed to be that of the sarcophagus of Khufu, has ever been found in the pyramids.

Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, Khufu’s Egyptian civilization, along with all subsequent, and prior dynasties, catalogue tremendous details regarding their existence, yet all, for some reason, seemingly forget to mention the construction of the biggest most mysterious structures on earth, or indeed how they did it.

The great pyramid for example, is sat on many acres of land, yet it is only around 1/8th of an inch from perfect cardinal alignment, a feat we would struggle in replicating today.
But I digress.

What could there possibly be, hidden within this chamber?

This, unexplored, and clearly sought-after secret room…

A room which is seemingly un-robbable?

With mainstream Egyptologists, archaeologists and academic historians alike, insist that these amazing pyramids were once, un questionably tombs which were robbed completely over the millennia…

Whatever this room contains may settle this once and for all.