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A creature that can’t be killed

Astronomers regularly discover new exoplanets and at this point have already discovered several thousand, many hypothetically suitable for life, of course according to just preliminary calculations.

It was announced recently that like Tatooine and star wars life is theoretically possible even on planets from binary stars.

In general we are always looking for answers to the same question, “what makes a planet habitable? and what exactly is necessary for the birth of life on some strange godforsaken world?” but

I’m wondering have you ever thought about how to extinguish this very same life.

What cataclysms can return a planet to the state of a dead orb in space?

How tenacious is life on a planet?

The earth has suffered at least five periods of mass extinction during its lifetime.

Fear factors also exist on our blue planet today. Catastrophic climate change or nuclear war could destroy, if not all living things at least most of the diversity of species on the planet.

However if there are at least some living organisms remaining on the planet evolution will get another chance.

So who or what is the most tenacious form of life?

A number of organisms which are quite difficult to discern take precedence in this sorted business.

Some species of bacteria managed to survive in shale oil fields or in water saturated with sulfur compounds and fascinatingly these bacteria create a favorable environment for the restoration of the ecosystem after volcanic eruptions.

Extremophiles as they are known or their remains are planned to be searched for on Mars.

In nasa’s program for the mars 160 project participants learn to detect alleged Martian lichen gee politics which are bacteria and algae inside are just under transparent rocks and hallow files organisms that like salt.

So according to scientists there’s a chance that these representatives of the living world will be able to survive under the harsh Martian planetary and atmospheric conditions.

Source: Riddle | YouTube