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5,000Yr old mountain sized pyramids in Indonesia?

In 1914, archaeologists found an astonishing location in Gunung Padang, in Indonesia. 2 ancient stone mountains rest in this region, mountains in the form of pyramids, their size is truly massive. Intrigued by their shape, this 1914 team initiated a series of test digs in the small likelihood that they were man made.

The proposition of these 2 huge land features actually being pyramids, must have been virtually unthinkable to these initial explorers, there subsequent excavation also concluded that the site was indeed a natural formation.

However, Fast forward 100 years of technological advances in archaeology, photography, ground penetrating radar and satellite imaging, and we can now take much deeper looks at locations, gaining far greater insight than was possible a century ago.

The archaeological societies are currently in a panic, in regards to an expedition which is being undertaken to this very site. over one hundred years after its initial discovery and disregardment.
What is interesting to note, a detail this team must be aware of, a detail largely supressed and rarely discussed, is the fact that very ancient monuments rest upon the tops of each mountain, monuments that were later dated at 2500 years old. and confirmed as artificial megalithic structures.

Source: Mystery History | YouTube