Humans With This Blood Type Belong To An Extraterrestrial Lineage According To New Theory

  • Nefkens

    Not mentioned is that Edgar Cayce said in his readings ( inspired by Michael ) that Altantis People survived through the Basques

    Edgar did over 3000 readings without mistakes

    Predicted that California will sink but AFTER JAPAN

    Psychicssee often symbols like
    they see acaffee mill and later it is a windmill
    So Fukushima which has killed the entire Pacific
    might be what He saw

    He spoke also about a God RAA I believe to remember
    who was chases from earth 20 000 years ago
    I had all 20 books once but lend many
    and lost many

  • 3

    They never left they’ve always been here

  • And so be it. the name of the GODS 😈😈😈😈

  • Michael David

    There is great debate about such things, yet I tend to believe the truth of this in many ways. That is why we have exceptional people, mediocre people and well, the rest is the rest. When I saw Zeitgeist the movie, it made a lot of sense to me. Perhaps in the Bible a lot of things are true, and some questionable with some being stories to help mankind/womankind flourish without killing each. Zeitgeist covered some of this and even considered that when the Bible talks about the “son”, it is actually talking about the “sun.” Very interesting to say the least. Keep it coming/